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Tourism in Wesertal

An active life and holiday in Wesertal

View of the Wesertal Valley
View of the Wesertal Valley
and the Reinhardswald
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
Snow White and
the seven dwarfs

The river Weser lent its name to our region with its six half-timbered villages Arenborn, Gewissenruh, Gieselwerder, Gottstreu, Heisebeck and Oedelsheim, so perfect for a holiday. With the still young river running through the villages and surrounded by one of the most beautiful low mountain ranges in Germany, the township of Wesertal offers both tranquillity and a wide range of leisure activities.

Magical Wesertal inspired the brothers Grimm to write their world famous fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty's castle Sababurg with ancient forest and animal park, situated just a few kilometres away from here in Reinhardswald forest, is an enchanting attraction for all ages.

Puss in Boots is the fairytale character from Wesertal-Oedelsheim, Snow White and the seven dwarfs symbolise Wesertal-Gieselwerder and both districts are situated on the fairytale route between Hann. Münden and Bad Karlshafen. Together with Wesertal-Gottstreu, they are health resorts known for the excellent quality of their air.

There really is such a thing as a perfect world. Come and see for yourself in our award-winning half-timbered villages in the beautiful Wesertal countryside.

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Our area boasts a whole host of active clubs which is reflected by the numerous and often repeated events where guests are also welcome. Visit the homepage to find the current dates of events in our villages.

Local party
Join the fun of our local parties

Leisure activities


Mini golf, walking routes, canoe and steamship trips on the Weser, well-maintained hiking paths, an extensive cycling path network, riding, tennis, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool are just some examples of the variety of leisure activities on offer.

Cycle tour in Wesertal
Cycle tour in Wesertal

Places of interest


Nestled in the fabulous natural landscape of Weser river and Reinhardswald and Bramwald forests, the entire Wesertal region offers tourist destinations that are worth a visit. Museums, monasteries, castles, palaces, romantic half-timbered towns and villages, a forest and animal park are just some of the places that guarantee an interesting holiday.

Fairies' Ferry in Gewissenruh
Fairies' Ferry in Gewissenruh



Historical and cultural associations have devoted themselves to collecting interesting exhibits that recall rural handicrafts, agricultural work or are reminders of how people lived in times gone by. It is definitely worthwhile taking a look at the village museums.

Local history parlour in Arenborn
Local history parlour in Arenborn



Friendly hosts in hotels and country guest houses, holiday flats, private homes, farms and on campsites make sure you enjoy your visit - from providing cosy rooms and tasty meals, to offering relaxed hospitality and fun for the kids.

Vacation Paradise Wesertal
Vacation Paradise

Visitor's tax in Gieselwerder / Oedelsheim:
1st April - 31st October
€ 0,50 (children age 6 through 17)
€ 1,00 (persons age 18 and up) per day

Visitor's tax in Gewissenruh / Gottstreu:
1st April - 31st October
€ 0,35 (children age 6 through 17)
€ 0,60 (persons age 18 and up) per day

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